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0418 Multi-Use Plastic Cutter with Plastic Cutting Blade and Precision Knife Blade
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"Multi-Use Plastic Cutter with Plastic Cutting Blade and Precision Knife BladePlastic Cutter is a hand held cutting tool for scoring plastic and acrylic sheets. Inexpensive and handy for quick sizing of acrylic for general framing. Use in conjunction with any suitable straight edge or most Logan equ..
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1501 6 in 1 Multi-Function Screwdriver Kit with LED Portable Torch
-65 %
"6 in 1 Multi-Function Screwdriver Kit with LED Portable Torch Multi screwdriver is a must have for all domestic house holds. It is easily Foldable and gives access to the tool which you require. The kit is highly portable and comes in handy when required. The torch ensures Light even in dark or..
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1674 Easy and Portable Finger Tape Cutter For Packing Boxes 1674 Easy and Portable Finger Tape Cutter For Packing Boxes
-59 %
Easy and Portable Finger Tape Cutter For Packing Boxes  Perfect for Home or Office using this for storage, moving or sending a package to a friend, this tape cutter is designed to last. Made of superior material, wear-resistant and durable enough. With high performance stainless steel blade, anti-r..
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1755 Measuring Tapes Covered with Metal Coating
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"Measuring Tapes Covered with Metal Coating Excellence, reliability, and innovation. It manufactures high quality power and hand tools that are engineered for precision and durability. This compact measuring tape is ergonomically designed to provide precise measurements of up to 5 meters. It comes ..
Rs.124.00 Rs.398.00
416 Metal Drill Bit Set (Multicolor, 5-Piece)
-84 %
Material: MetalColor: Multicolor Package Contents: 5-Piece Drill Bit Innovative flute design removes material faster for easier drilling Suitable to work with any drill machine Material: Brazed carbide tip, type: Double flute conical tip..
Rs.114.00 Rs.730.00
421 Socket Combination Toolkit (40 pcs)
-63 %
Includes 1 pc 3/8" reversible ratchet handle, 14 pcs 1/4" dr.metric sockets , 14pcs 1/4" dr.sae socket, 3pcs 1/4" dr.sae socket (8pt) 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" , 1pc 3/8" dr.x3", 1pc 1/4" 3/8" adaptor , 1pc 3/8" dr.x21mm spark plug socket, 1pc 6" spinner handle , 2pc 3/8 dr.metric socket 15mm/16mm, 1..
Rs.486.00 Rs.1,308.00
422 Socket 1/4 Inch Combination Repair Tool Kit (Red, 46 pcs)
-57 %
- Used for tightening or loosening, applicable for most bolts, nuts, screws in the maintenance of automotive, mechanical, motorcycle and so on. - Ratchet wrench can adjust positive and negative direction, extension bar adds length and universal joint gives you a better angle in limited space. - Made..
Rs.1,350.00 Rs.3,168.00
424 Silicone Carbide Combination Stone
-83 %
Sharpens stainless steel, carbon steel and much more. Excellent for a variety of knives and tools. It produces strong, keen, long-lasting edges on quality tools Combination oilstone has 100 grit on one face for repairing steel cutting edges and 320 grit on the opposite face for sharpening and mainta..
Rs.138.00 Rs.820.00
428 Wood Hole Saw Cutting Set (11 pcs, 19-64mm, Multicolour)
-74 %
CONVENINET DESIGN: It has been well organized in a convenient plastic storage case. Helping you easy carrying out for working.Includes Hex Key and Installation Plate. Hole saw with 11 pieces in a kit. SAFETY AND DURABLE: Carbon Steel, Heat Treated. The special gear design makes the hole more accurat..
Rs.258.00 Rs.984.00
432 Hole Saw Drill Bit set (16 pcs)
-67 %
Safety and durable: heat treated hss,the special gear design makes the hole more accurate.high speed steel teeth for fast and clean cuts.suitable for normal wood,don't try it to hard will happen broken.all pieces in the set are heat treated enabling them to be suitable for soft and hard ..
Rs.528.00 Rs.1,584.00
436 Quick Snap N Grip
-71 %
Power tool set 2Pcs Multi-Function Universal Quick Snap N Grip Adjustable Wrench Spanner Set (Red & Black, 2pcs) Overall heat treatment, chrome plated surface treatment, beautiful and durable Automatically fits to the size and shape of nuts and bolts Instant solution to your problems with taps, valv..
Rs.270.00 Rs.928.00
437 -3X Large HSS Steel Step Cone Drill Titanium Bit Set Hole Cutter (4-32, 4-20, 4-12mm)
-58 %
New HSS Steel Large Step Cone Drill Titanium Bit Set Hole Cutter, which is made from high quality HSS steel, and with the Titanium coated to reduce friction and heat The 3 cutters come in the following sizes increments of 2mm : 4 - 32mm ,4 - 20mm, 4 - 12mm. 100% brand new and high quality Parameter..
Rs.978.00 Rs.2,312.00
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